The Villa Veronica farmhouse is situated 400m above sea level by a panoramic balcony, along the 25th provincial road Roccalumera-Mandanici, in the district of Messina.
Originally, towards the beginning of the eighteenth century, it was a hold dairy farm, now completely restored and transformed into a comfortable farmhouse where agricultural and tourist activities are carried out. Thanks to the mild climate and the historical and architectural background, the farmhouse owns the basis to integrate itself into a tourist dimension addressed to those who intend spending their holidays in rest and tranquillity, taking their minds off things.

The territory surrounding the farm has a fairy harmonious hill morphology, its slopes descend gently down to the enchanting valley drawn by the copious Dinarini stream which produces considerable profits to the farming, especially in summer time. Numberless are the paths among the uncontaminated age-old oaks and chestnuts where making exciting excursions riding a horse or a mountain bike down to the Tyrrhenian side. During those excursions the visitors often meet foxes, buzzards, kites and other animals of various kinds which frame their exciting tour.
The farmhouse is not much hundred metres from the historical centre of Mandanici, dated back to the 3rd century b.c.
All this, and much more, cooperating with the natural feeling of hospitality of the local inhabitant, make the of Villa Veronica a place with intense tourist traffic.

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Strada Prov. 25 Km. 9 MANDANICI (ME)

TEL. 0942793388 Mob. 3484731611 - 3341937628 - vat. n.02123240836


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